Arlington School Officials Celebrate Rebirth of Nottingham

(Thursday, October 5, 2006 10:41 AM EDT)
A new multi-purpose room, art and music classrooms and two playgrounds are just a few of the improvements at newly remodeled Nottingham Elementary School.

To celebrate the completion of the remodeling project, the school system on Oct. 4 held a dedication ceremony.

“I think it's a special facility,” said Superintendent Robert Smith.

School Board Chairman Mary Hynes recalled the planning stages of the construction about four years ago, and said she is very pleased with the end result.

“It's so great today to see it built out,” Hynes said.

The remodeling process started in February 2005, and was completed this August. All told, 22,000 square-feet of space have been added to the school's existing 50,000 square feet.

The new Nottingham features more on-site parking and a school bus drop-off lane. Also included in the new space is an administrative suite, a kitchen and five additional classrooms.

The school's media center, computer lab, clinic, staff lounge, a number of offices and 21 classrooms were renovated.

“The building has much more technology, space and a lot more natural lighting,” said Carolyn Clark, the school's assistant principal.

The building's technology was put to use during the dedication. Principal Mary Beth Pelosky informed the audience that a live-feed of the event was being broadcast to all the classrooms.

Pelosky also expressed gratitude for the support of Nottingham's parents and guardians and the surrounding community.

“This is indeed an auspicious occasion,” she said. “And this indeed is a beautiful building, but it takes [students] to make our school.”

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