Corner Garden Decorates The Red Fox Inn In Holiday Splendor


(Thursday, December 14, 2006 11:57 AM EST)

Sally Bolton, owner of the Corner Garden, has been decorating the Red Fox Inn for 22 years, and is excited to do it again this season.

“Christmas is my favorite,” said Bolton, “because it's when you get to be most creative.”

For this year's decorative themes, Bolton decided to make each of the six dining rooms and the art gallery a little different.

The darker dining rooms have mantels decorated with extra sparkle to pick up the light. The art gallery will have a very natural feel with turkey feathers, bird nests and sea shells, and the tap room will be in all white.

For the outside of the inn, Bolton going with a “classic” look, with boxwood wreaths.

“I love the really natural things,” she said.

Bolton said she likes to use real greenery as much as possible, but uses artificial greenery on the fireplace mantels for safety reasons.

The Christmas season is a busy time for Bolton and her staff. The store ships custom-designed boxwood wreaths all over the eastern United States, and offers home and business decoration in the Piedmont area.

This year, the Corner Garden is decorating the National Sporting Library, five area businesses and a number of private homes.

Bolton said she finds that all the members of her floral design and landscaping/estate maintenance team come together during the holidays.

She particularly appreciates the work of her gardeners, Mike Dobson, Kerri Fisher and Rob Pecora, she said.

“We work really hard to give personalized attention,” Bolton said. “All the people who work for me, even those who work in the field come and pitch in during the holidays to make things pretty for people.”

The Corner Garden is located at 12 Pendleton Street.

Corner Garden owner Sally Bolton used extra sparkle on many of the mantels in the Red Fox in to pick up the light in the more dimly lit dining rooms.
(Photo by Kristen Armstrong)

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