Country Way Boutique Transforms Into Woodland Wonderland


(Thursday, December 14, 2006 11:57 AM EST)

The holiday season is in full swing and the Country Way Boutique in Middleburg is decking its halls with style.

Customers are welcomed by a woodlands display on the front porch of the floral design and home décor gift shop. Shiny metal mushrooms, magnolias and curly willow all add to the effect.

The interior of the boutique boasts two Christmas trees, numerous multi-colored ornaments and festive greenery.

Owners Amy Sullivan and Deborah Graham are very excited about the season. Not only is 40 percent of their revenue earned in the month of December, but the home-decorating part of their business has really started to take off. They will be decorating at least 15 houses in various locations, including McLean, Middleburg, The Plains and Leesburg.

“It's so fun,” said Sullivan. “I get to make people's houses pretty for a living!”

Although they are self-professed opposites, the duo truly enjoy working with each other.

“I hate working outside,” said Sullivan. “But Deborah is a polar bear. We really complement each other well.”

“The holidays are a good bonding time,” said Graham. “We're a great team.”

Both love the Middleburg area, especially during the holiday season.

“It's so festive at this time of year,” said Sullivan. “Our clients are around, and everyone's in a good mood.”

Country Way Boutique is located at 110 W. Washington St.

For the holidays this year, Country Way Boutique owners Amy Sullivan and Deborah Graham have gone with a woodlands theme for the exterior of their shop, using fresh greenery, metal mushrooms and other woody plants to create the effect. The inside has a cozy feel with colorful ornaments in warm holiday colors and two Christmas trees.
(Photo by Kristen Armstrong)


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