Local Firm Aiming to Enhance Nutritional Choices for Horses


(Tuesday, January 9, 2007 11:38 AM EST)

If horses could make New Year's resolutions, trying HorseSense Balanced Optimal Nutrition might be at the top of their list.

HorseSense, developed by retired Thoroughbred racer Karl Donaghy, is a feeding system that provides horses with the correct amount of nutrients depending on their size, amount of work they're doing, and what kind of hay and pasture they're eating.

Only available in Marshall, Jeffersonton and few other select places, HorseSense sometimes draws customers from as far as 600 miles away.

The main difference between HorseSense and traditional feed is the amount of vitamins and minerals found in them.

“The main difference is that it's exactly the opposite of feed,” said Andrea Weyer, co-owner of the HorseSense business. “Regular feeds are made up of grains with a little bit of vitamins and minerals added. The foods that we make start with the vitamins and minerals, and then we use as little grain as possible. It's like the horse is eating a huge vitamin/mineral pill.”

Weyer and Donaghy, who opened their business in 2000, recognize that different horses have different needs, and they help horse owners come up with a balanced and healthy feeding system.

“We're very hands-on, and we work with the customer,” said Weyer. “They not only get an info packet, they get a mini-seminar.”

Horse owners often see improvements in their animals within 72 hours, sometimes even overnight, Weyer said.

“They will usually see big changes in joint soundness, hoof quality, mental attitude, richness of the horse's color and the texture of their hair,” she said. “We've also seen major reduction in cribbing.”

If horse owners have made a resolution to save money this year, HorseSense might help them do that.

Although $27.75 for a 50-pound bag is more expensive than most other feeds, there are significant savings in the long run, Weyer contends.

Horses who eat HorseSense feed no longer have to take supplements, don't need medications, because their ailments heal, don't require special shoeing and go to the vet less, she said. All these benefits from HorseSense can save owners a good amount of money, she said.

For more information on HorseSense, call (540) 253-9987 or see the Web site at www.horsesensenutrition.com.

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