Kinder Haus Toys Puts the Focus on Old-Fashioned Fun


(Thursday, January 18, 2007 10:15 AM EST)

Kinder Haus Toys has been a part of Arlington's community for more than 20 years, and now has a new home.

After being closed for more than a year in preparation for its new home in Clarendon, the store relocated last fall.

Kinder Haus Toys, an old-fashioned, Victorian-styled toy store, originally was located on Lee Highway, where owner Sue Pyatt had been renting space since 1982.When she was given the chance to buy retail space in Clarendon, she jumped at the opportunity. Two blocks from the Clarendon Metro stop, the store is easier for customers to visit.

“Clarendon is a multi-use, hot area and we're part of it,” Pyatt said. “It's a great place to be and we're excited to be here.”

Some of the features in the new space aren't visible to shoppers, but they make Pyatt's life much easier. An indoor delivery station, and one floor instead of two are great conveniences.

There were a few complications in the permit and construction processes, but Pyatt was not disheartened.

She is very happy with the final product.

“I'm delighted with the results,” she said. “I'm still at that point where I'm so relieved that we're up and running.”

The toys in the store have an educational focus and are meant to promote children's use of imagination. The store also sells crafts, clothes and sporting goods.

Pyatt, who is also the author of two children's books (“Call Me Madame President” and “President Amanda's Whistle-Stop Trip”), is proud to be a business woman and will continue to improve her store whenever possible.

“A lot of women have the dream [to own a business], and I was one of them,” she said. “Every opportunity to grow, I take.”

The store is located at 1220 North Fillmore St. in Clarendon. For more information, call (703) 527-5929 or visit the Web site at

From left: Ali Olsen, Lili Olsen, Adam Olsen, Laurie Pyatt and Sue Pyatt gather to celebrate last autumn’s grand reopening of Kinder Haus Toys at its new location in Clarendon.

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