Hynes, Ferguson Officially Announce


(Friday, February 9, 2007 4:17 PM EST)

In what they acknowledged as the "worst" and "second worst kept secrets of the year," County Board Chairman Paul Ferguson and former School Board Chairman Mary Hynes announced their candidacies for Clerk of the Circuit Court and the County Board respectively at the Arlington County Democratic Committee meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 7.

With current Clerk of the Circuit Court David BellÍs recent retirement announcement after more than 30 years of public service, Ferguson decided to leap at the opening.

"It's impossible to replace a person like David Bell," he said. "But his is an ethic I wish to continue."

Ferguson looks forward to being ñthe bridge between the public and the court systemî if he is elected as the next Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Although he is moving in a different direction in his life, Ferguson reassured the audience that he would continue to serve out his term as County Board Chairman with gusto.

Ferguson's decision not to run for County Board this year leaves his space up for grabs, and Mary Hynes announced that she hopes to fill it.

Hynes, who just retired in December from 12 years on the School Board, said that two months ago, she never would have thought that sheÍd be announcing her candidacy for County Board. But she feels good about her decision.

"I'm looking forward very much to running," she said. "I'm running because, while the County Board has accomplished a lot, lots remains to be done."

Issues Hynes plans to focus on during her campaign include increasing the affordable housing stock, balancing funds for human services and expanding dialogue between the county government and the community.

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