ProJet's Exclusive Aviation Services Focus on Safety, Convenience of Fliers


(Wednesday, March 14, 2007 8:03 PM EDT)

With increased security measures and unpredictable delays, traveling on commercial airlines can be frustratingly time-consuming.

Executives and businessmen who travel frequently might want to look into more efficient, convenient and equally safe, if not safer, options.

ProJet, an aircraft consulting, management and charter service firm based in Winchester, offers many of these options, and has advice on ways to improve security and to save time in one's travels.

One way executives can raise confidence in their flight security is by knowing their pilot. Companies such as ProJet hire all their own flight crews and can ensure client and crew are familiar with one another.

“We make sure the pilot and client meet each other, so they are comfortable with each other,” ProJet president Craig McAteer said in a recent interview.

Non-commercial air travel also allows more flexibility when it comes to boarding and de-boarding the plane.

For high-profile travelers, who may want to remain anonymous for security reasons, flying in and out of a smaller hangar often allows for quick entrance and exit.

ProJet recently broke ground on a new hangar facility at the Winchester airport, which they hope to complete in June. It will have enough room for three mid-size jets and additional office space.

One of the hangar's features is a back access door, which provides the above-mentioned security options.

So, without the hassle of waiting in line to go through a metal detector, executives can travel on charter or personal planes without wasting time, but not compromising safety.

Other conveniences that executives should look for in their day-to-day travel include the ability to have on-site aircraft maintenance.

In the new hangar, “we've incorporated an engine-hoist mechanism, so we can handle maintenance on jets,” said McAteer. “We also have a drain system, so we can use the hangar as a wash facility.”

The ability to fix a jet or wash it, without trying to find a separate maintenance facility or having to battle other planes for wash space at one of the larger airports in the Washington metropolitan area, saves time and money, he said.

ProJet can originate its customers' planes from any area airport. Ground transportation is also available through the company.

With conveniences like these, executives might want to think again before attempting the uphill battle of traditional airline travel.

“A one-day meeting sometimes takes three days,” said McAteer. “We want an efficient company with customer service that is unmatched. We want our clients to feel fortunate to work with us.”

Officials at Winchester-based ProJet break ground on the firm’s new facility at the Winchester Regional Airport. The company provides aviation services to business executives and others in need of secure, time-sensitive travel.
(Photo by Noel Ryan)

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