New Generation of Pools Meets and Exceeds Expectations


(Wednesday, March 14, 2007 8:24 PM EDT)

Pools aren't just blah cement holes in the ground anymore. These days, homeowners' imaginations can run wild with visions of their very own dream pool.

From waterfalls to hot tubs to fog machines, there are a plethora of creative options to choose from when planning a pool.

“Everything used to be rectangular, with a diving board,” said Pools by Young owner Robi Keri. “Nowadays it's free-form, with lots of bells and whistles.”

Local pool professionals have noticed that many of their clients prefer an outdoorsy or more natural look to their pools, including features such as edges and stairs made of rocks and boulders, as well as beach entries (a slow, downward grade, instead of steps).

Negative-edge pools are also very popular. Negative- or infinity-edge pools are in-ground pools that lack one or more edges, creating the illusion that the water on the edge-less side is supported by nothing.

“The reason people like negative-edge pools is because they're dramatic,” said Hunt Country Pools owner Jeff Gable.

When the edge-less part of the pool is located over high ground, it often looks like the water does not end and continues to the horizon.

The dream doesn't have to stop with the pool. Homeowners can create an entire water wonderland around their wading area. Fire pits, spas, cabanas, pergolas and wet bars are all features that will add an element of luxury to any homeowner's swimming or soaking experience.

“It not just the pool anymore,” Keri said.

The amount of time to install a pool depends on the complexity of the project, but pool professionals generally estimate that once homeowners have a pool permit, the installation can be completed within four months.

Price also depends on the pool design. Numbers can start around $40,000, but can easily reach six figures.

Before homeowners start running wild with ideas for the details of their pool, the most important thing they can do is decide exactly where they want it.

“The number one thing [for homeowners to keep in mind] is the pool's location in relation to the house,” Gable said. “I try to get people to stand out there and look around and feel the space.”

But once homeowners work out the basics, the sky is the limit!

Pools by Young is responsible for this exceptionally designed residential swimming pool.

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