Local Jewelry Firm Opens Men's Area


(Tuesday, May 15, 2007 2:30 PM EDT)

Mystique Jewelers in Middleburg now has a men's room!

“Big deal,” you might be thinking, but this men's room isn't a rest room. It's a place where men can find a little something for themselves amid all the women's rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

“There was a need for men's gift items and accessories in Middlburg,” said Mystique Jewelers owner Elizabeth Mandros Miller. “It's a hunt area, so we've been coming up with ideas for neat things to get men instead of just hunt attire.”

The “men's room,” which opened about a month ago, features goods such as cummerbunds, cuff links and travel items.

A very old wooden Buddha from Burma is a prominent decoration in the room and gives the space a special and unique feel. In fact, the whole concept of this men's room is unique. Mandros Miller said that she has never seen another jewelry store with anything like it.

She sees the room as offering not only a place where men can find accessories, but also a way to make it easier for them to come to a jewelry store and purchase gifts for women.

“They're always afraid to come into jewelry stores,” Mandros Miller said. “Now they can come for themselves, and there's a comfort level of coming in.”

Women can make it easier for men to choose the right jewelry at Mystique Jewelers, because the store keeps their “wish lists” on file.

Although Mandros Miller said she has gotten great response on the men's room so far, she would like to rename the space to avoid confusion. She plans on holding a competition to find the perfect name.

For more information on Mystique Jewelers, visit the Web site at www.mystiquejewelers.com, or call (540) 687-8707.

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