Local Photographer Values Giving Back To Community


(Tuesday, May 15, 2007 2:30 PM EDT)

Janie Stockton, a photographer and owner of The True Studio in Middleburg, has always loved taking pictures, and now she is using her talents to bring joy to others.

After the floods in New Orleans, The True Studio worked with Habitat for Humanity and Oprah's Angel Network to provide framed portraits for families moving into newly built homes.

Recently, Stockton took photographs of a local young Marine and his family before he left for duty abroad. She volunteered her services so they could have “before” pictures to smile at until he comes home.

“Something as simple as taking a picture can make someone's heart happy,” Stockton said in a recent interview. “If life was a pie chart, you have to decide what's important. Obviously family and my business [are important] but giving back to the community and humanity is huge.”

The photos of the Marine are what Stockton hopes are the start of a possible exhibit. She welcomes any other families with young men and women leaving for military duty to contact her about having portraits done.

Although Stockton tried her hand at other mediums, she found that photography fit her personality and artistic tastes the best.

“I attempted watercolor, but I tried to make it too perfect, and watercolor is too abstract to be perfect. I want it to be exact. That's why I'm so attracted to photography,” she said. “I love the ability to capture something of beauty, emotion and feeling just as you see it. I get to capture intimate moments with families, and I get to be part of people's lives. I cry at most of my shoots, both happy and sad.”

Stockton studied childhood education at school and taught kindergarten and first grade in Loudoun County before she became pregnant with her son. She decided at that point to stay home and open her own business.

“I love what I do,” she said. “Being a mom, it's nice to be flexible with my family and other families.”

If a baby is being brought in for a portrait and is happiest at 5:45 a.m., Stockton is glad to comply.

The Loudoun County native also travels across the country for shoots and currently is working on a coffee-table book that she says she “can't wait to share.”

Janie Stockton, photographer and owner of the True Studio in Middleburg, recently took pictures of a local young man, before he left to serve abroad as a U.S. Marine
(Photo by Janie Stockton).

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