‘Green' Houses Are Certified by County Officials


(Saturday, September 22, 2007 9:18 AM EDT)

County Board members on Sept. 18 certified 17 projects that were completed under the county's Green Home Choice program.

The program was created in 2003 to encourage environmentally friendly practices in building and remodeling homes. Builders and homeowners who participate receive expedited plan review for building permits.

“These homeowners, architects and builders have done much more than improve the environmental stability of their homes,” County Board Chairman Paul Ferguson said. “They are pioneers who are leading the way for the rest of us.”

Participants who were certified included:

Architect Chris French and homeowner Barbara Jazzo; Peggy Evans and Mike Scheidegger of Amour Properties; Shrutee Shah; architect David Peabody and Chris Henderson of OC Builders; Adam Bean of Green Built Homes; Tony Alexis of Oikos; homeowner Steven Provasnik; Cook Brothers team Steve Tinter, Tammy Cook and Kevin Barker; Lou Sagatov; and Nancy Striniste.

All Green Home Choice projects incorporate “responsible site management”; energy-efficient measures, materials and water conservation; measures for ongoing durability; measures for indoor health; and marketing for the Green Home Choice program.

Projects incorporated environmentally friendly features, such as passive solar designs, solar hot-water heating, green roofs and the use of Energy Star-qualified products.

The Fitzsimmons residence on North Nelson Street, worked on by David Peabody and Chris Henderson, was one of the first residential projects in Arlington to implement deconstruction, a new green-building method that reuses and recycles materials salvaged from the demolition of an existing building.

Homebuilders interested in participating in the program should see the Arlington County Web site at www.arlingtonva.us.

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