Editor's Notebook

Gone Flying . . .

Our own Kristen Armstrong was up in the air yesterday, taking a flying lesson in Leesburg as part of an effort by the nation's general-aviation industry to encourage people to become private pilots.

The flight originally was scheduled for last Friday, but with the rainstorms, it was postponed.

Kristen will have a story coming out of it, and we'll see how she liked it. She's a trouper - game for any new adventure.

In previous years, longtime reporter Ryan Self went up for a lesson, and I think reporter Ryan Moore flew in a restored World War II fighter plane for a story years back (whether he was working for the Sun Gazette or the Journal at the time, I don't recall).

I didn't get to pilot it, but one time I did get to fly in a restored B-29 Superfortress. Quite the ride!

I was on assignment with the late, great Madelyn Marzani of Middleburg Life at the time; she put up a stink (as was her occasional wont) when told she had to sign a waiver of liability in order to fly. Finally, she acquiesced. We lived, and got quite an experience out of it.

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