Editor's Notebook

Death . . . and Resurrection . . . in the Computer World

March 4, 2008

My office computer was officially declared dead yesterday by the technician gods, three days after it went "click, click, click" when starting up, then did . . . nothing.

Relatively miraculously, we (I say "we" because I got some help among the staff) managed to salvage enough that had been on the computer to get through our production cycle on Monday. If the computer had to die, taking everything with it, Friday was perhaps the least inconvenient time for it to do so.

One remaining hold-up: Our software for producing videos was on that computer. Now -- poof! -- it's gone. And, because we are still in the midst of our planned office move, the original software is packed away somewhere. It may turn up in a couple of weeks, but that won't do us a whole lot of good.

Kristen Armstrong put in a call to the manufacturer, and a copy of the software is being shipped to us by FedEx. (Nothing's free in life any more; it cost more than 40 bucks.)

We have bunches of videos that have piled up in the last few days, and more are being shot today. Hang in there, and we'll get them up.

As for my computer? A new motherboard, or brotherboard, or whatever it's called, was installed yesterday afternoon. I'll fire it up this morning and we'll see what happens.

I was a bit of a nomad over the weekend and on Monday, wandering from computer to computer to get my work done. Will be good to be back in the captain's chair once again. I think everyone I had to displace will feel the same way.

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