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Attention Walter Tejada, I'm Working on My Material . . .

May 8, 2008

Attention Walter Tejada, I'm Working on My Material . . .

Again this year, the Arlington Chamber of Commerce has asked me to be the introducer/roaster at the organization's "State of the County" event, to be held in June.

There, Arlington board chairman Walter Tejada will discuss how things are going in the county, but before he gets handed the microphone, he has to sit through some good-natured ribbing by me. I was brought in a few years ago to add some zingers, and have been invited back ever since.

And yes, I've already started working on my material. I ran what may be my best line so far by our Kristen Armstrong yesterday, and she laughed, so there's hope it will turn out well.

Remember, Arlington board chairs come and Arlington board chairs go . . . with Uncle Scotty watching over it all.

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