Editor's Notebook

Reviewing 'The Dominator'

May 21, 2008

It was an easy trip back and forth to King's Dominion yesterday, as Kristen Armstrong and I went down to review "The Dominator," the park's 14th (wow!) roller coaster. We'll have a story and some video on the Web site soon.

My review? It was a very good coaster, though not what I'd call a great one. It's a challenge to qualify as "great" these days, as there have been so many innovations in recent years that it's hard to be a truly groundbreaking coaster.

This one has plenty of loops, twists and turns during a ride that last just over two minutes.

It was good to chat with the park manager - she's quite the outgoing personality - and have the chance to test out the coaster a couple of times. And the weather? Actually, while it looked threatening (and has rained all morning, as it did here), the event went off without a drop of the wet stuff.

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