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Prom Night Mania, Sun Gazette Style

Monday, June 9, 2008

High School Graduation Time!

I tell you, having Memorial Day arrive semi-early has thrown everything off. It sure doesn't feel like it should be high school graduation time, but all this week, students in Fairfax County's high schools will be donning caps and gowns. (Arlington's graduations are next week.)

We've got them all covered (we listen to "Pomp & Circumstance" a lot this time of year). Everyone on the news staff takes at least one, with Brian Trompeter and Kristen Armstrong covering the bulk of them. I'll be out, feeling hopelessly intellectually out of place, at the commencement of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology next Saturday night.

That's my one high school graduation ceremony to cover each year, and I do enjoy it. I duck out just after the speeches and before the diplomas are given out, thus beating the traffic and salvaging a bit of the evening.

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