Editor's Notebook

A Goat Update

June 22, 2008

Before heading off on a well-deserved vacation week, Kristen Armstrong filed an update to our story of the Ballston goats.

The goats have received a temporary reprieve, although the future of Carne and Leche (those are their names) remains up in the air.

But there's no need to fret (or to "stew," if you get my drift) -- even if they're forced out of Arlington by the zoning rules, I'm sure Carne and Leche will find a home close by.

We'll have the update posted today or tomorrow for you.

Here's a quiz: We all know that a number of TV outlets picked up on our story, but which outlets among the local print competition followed up on it? That's a trick question: We don't even acknowledge that we have competition among the other newspapers, haha.

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