First Time on Roller Coaster Proves a Treat


(Tuesday, July 15, 2008 7:33 PM EDT)

Third grade may have held a lot of new experiences for Megan Sung, but with the first day of summer vacation came her most exciting experience of the year: her first real roller coaster ride.

Sung, a rising fourth-grader at Lees Corner Elementary School in Chantilly, along with friend Nicky Reardon, braved Scooby-Doo's Ghoster Coaster at Kings Dominion amusement park with her head held high.

“I don't want to be an embarrassment!” she said before getting on the coaster. Though she did admit that she might “scream a little because it'll be so wild.”

Scooby-Doo's Ghoster Coaster, which opened in 1975, climbs to a height of 35 feet and reaches 35 miles per hour, and Sung enjoyed all of the one-minute and 40-second ride.

“It was fun when we went down the hill,” she said. “It felt kind of weird, and kind of good. You don't expect that feeling.”

She also enjoyed the fact that her mother, who was sitting in the car behind her, was a little shaken up by the ride.

“It was hilarious,” she said. “I thought she'd be as brave as I was, but she was screaming. I will cherish that moment forever.”

And now that Sung had gotten a taste for thrill and adventure, she and her buddy wanted to take on everything else that Kings Dominion had to offer (as long as they were tall enough).

“I'm ready for bigger and better things,” Reardon said.

“I'm going with Nicky on that one,” Sung said.

And bigger, better and even upside down is exactly what they proceeded to do, riding the Rebel Yell, Anaconda and Avalanche roller coasters.

Megan Sung ventured out on the Rebel Yell at Kings Dominion with her friend, Nicky Reardon.
(Photo by Fulton Armstrong)

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