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Treats Bittersweet-Chocolate Tart Breads Beard's French bread
  Lila's Bonet   Beard's Basic Home-style Bread
  Flan   Onion Lovers' Twist bread
  Aunt Mamie's fruitcake   Beard's banana bread
  Carrot cake   No-Knead Bread (full)
  Chocolate chip cookies   No-Knead Bread (recipe)
  Puddings - Chocolate, Bread, Rice & Butterscotch   Pizza Dough
  Pat's Apple Crisp Appetizers Seafood "Cheesecake"
  Pie Dough (foolproof)    
  Apple Pie filling    
  Banana Pudding    
  Mocha Chocolate Icebox Cake    
  Magic Ginger Milk Pudding    
  Citrus-Almond Poundcake    
  Leffe Blonde spice cake Soups Beth's Italian sausage soup
      Chicken tortilla soup
Mains April's Spaghetti   Ribollita
  Friends' lasagna    
  Sara's lasagna Other Mustard Vinaigrette
  Beef stew   Jeordie's hoomus
  Emma's Biftec Criolla    
  Emma's frijoles dormidos   Mojitos
  Sara's chicken salad    
  Beef Burgundy (slow-cook)    
  Marian's Carbonnades a la Flamande    
Special -
Turkey Special -
April's Spaghetti
  Stuffing   Paula Deen Chicken with Dijon and Lime
  Gravy (simple, tried and true!)   Chocolate Mousse Cake
  ABL's candied yams   Beard's Basic Home-style Bread
  Mashed Potatoes   Pie Dough
  Onion Lovers' Twist bread   Apple Pie filling

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